can adderall be shot up

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Best Answer: ADHD Medications work by raising the brain chemical Dopamine,yes,if Dopa gets too high it can definitely cause anxiety,amoung other things. And it is not .
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Does a doctor just ask you questions or is there a specific test to see if you actually have any chemical imbalances in the brain? You ought to find and read a copy .
Medications > Medications for Co-Existing Conditions . I've been taking Adderall (30mg XR daily and 10mg IR most days) since July and, on . It sounds like the .
equazcion!! I agree on everything you've said!!!!!. .. Im 18 and i have been an athlete my whole life. so i never wanted to smoke and said i would never ever smoke.
Can taking adderall & getting a hpv can adderall be shot up shot in the same day affect you in any way? ChaCha Answer: There is not a combinatory effect betw.
Well you could open the XR, empty half it's content out, crush the beads up (so the delayed beads won't be delayed and instead released instantly), and digest that.
Help, Tips, Advice, and Stories | Quitting Adderall Surviving the painful but extremely rewarding transition back to your true self
Hi,I am can adderall be shot up desperately trying to find pertinent information about Adderall, depression, and whether antidepressants can be combined with and/or have been shown to.
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