Ecstasy and lamictal

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What can happen if you take ecstasy when you take lamictal for epilepsy?
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Hi I've never posted here before. I just got my starter pack of Lamictal and googled "lamictal and alcohol" and found a thread on this board.
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Ecstasy and Bi-Polar Disorder. I am presently on Lamictal (a small dose for soft bi-polar) and Clonazepam (.5 mg). The latter is the generic name.
Best Answer: DO NOT TRY THIS!!!! E raises your body's core temperature and can be deadly even the very first time a person takes it. Never mix anything .
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I take 600mg or Lithium (which I understand to be a low dose) and 150mg of Lamictal. I'm not Bi-polar, but I have chronic depression and I just haven't had any luck .
Best Answer: I have looked up Buspar and It won't hurt it but Ecstasy and lamictal I have not looked up Lamictal, if it is a MAOI don't do it that can be fatal. Here is a good website .
Hi everyone, I am currently taking 100mg of lamictal a day. Ecstasy and lamictal
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